Shapes In Play

We’re checking out Shapes In Play, a two-person creative studio that appears to be working on some very interesting 3D printed designs. Much of their work involves generative design, where the shapes are determined by forces outside of the designer.    One example of their work is the Soundplotter. It’s a vase formed from an… Continue reading Shapes In Play

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Scream A 3D Print, Literally

A truly amazing installation of what’s called “Production Art” is now open for viewing – and screaming – at Rabobank HQ in Utrecht, Netherlands. Screaming, you ask? That’s exactly what visitors must do when the visit Alicia Framis’ “Screaming Room” exhibition. You scream, the waveform is recorded and translated instantly into a 3D model (a… Continue reading Scream A 3D Print, Literally

Hear and Feel Your Favorite Sounds

This is interesting – Shapeways has teamed up with online Sound sharing site SoundCloud to produce  “The Vibe” a very unique 3D model creator. From your SoundCloud account you can select your favorite sound, perhaps a song or yourself speaking. This sound’s waveform is automatically transformed into a visible representation of the wave as the… Continue reading Hear and Feel Your Favorite Sounds

Printing Sound

Contrasting opinions are a main feature of today’s communications. We read opposing viewpoints on and endless series topics, words versus words. But what if you could actually *see* the words colliding? That’s the question Canadian artist Eva Schindling set out to discover when she produced her work, “Liquid Sound Collisions”.    The artist took two… Continue reading Printing Sound

Rapid Prototyping used to Create Sound

Jun Murakoshi is a researcher in Department of Design Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Chiba University, Japan. Among his works is this interesting device made via rapid prototyping technology: the “noisy instrument”. According to Jun, the device: is a wearable instrument for listening the noise like seashell makes.   One can imagine future experiments where… Continue reading Rapid Prototyping used to Create Sound