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3D Systems Picks Up Robots, And More

Industry giant 3D Systems has made another acquisition, and this one appears to be a little different than previous purchases. They've acquired specialty 3D print service MyRobotNation, whom we've written about in the past. MyRobotNation's specialty is, well, robots. Personalized robots. 
The service provides users with a very easy to use (and fun) interface to quickly design your own robot. Press the final button and they produce your custom 3D printed robot and it shows up in your mailbox shortly thereafter. 
The service was clearly a success, as they've now attracted the attention - and pocketbook - of 3D Systems. 
How is this acquisition different? 3D Systems didn't just buy them for the robots. They bought their expertise in producing a high-quality end-user design experience. It's a perfect addition to the company's Cubify online repository of 3D models. Now (theoretically) some Cubify models could be customized in a manner similar to MyRobotNation, making Cubify much more interesting. 
We'll be watching for changes inevitably coming in Cubify that incorporate the new approach. 
Via 3D Systems (Hat tip to Franky)

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