How To Screw Your 3D Print

By on April 14th, 2012 in Design, Ideas


We don’t mean ruining it! We mean being able to successfully insert screws into your 3D printed model for attaching other components. Let’s be clear: you can make much more interesting objects when you use multiple components. But how do you fit them together? 
One could resort to designing matching slots in each piece or even glue, but those approaches don’t result in anything particularly strong. If you need a robust attachment for your design, what should you do? Can you use screws? 
Yes, you can simply drill a hole of appropriate size, but can you actually have screw threads in your 3D print? The answer is yes, according to Stratasys, who published a list of techniques for including screw threads in your design and print. They include the obvious (tap and drill) tp the less obvious (employ heli-coil inserts). 
If you’re seeking a way to screw your print, check out their ideas. 

By Kerry Stevenson

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