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3D Systems Picks Up FreshFiber

In yet another acquisition, 3D Systems has acquired FreshFiber BV, a maker of some very cool mobile phone covers - all using 3D printing techniques. Their tagline: "3D Designed, personal cases for your phone".
The Dutch company made headlines earlier when it became one of the first big-time 3D printed products to make product shelves worldwide. 
Now they're part of the 3D Systems family. But why would 3D Systems acquire this company? We suspect it adds more to the growing collection of products in their Cubify strategy. Cubify's printable model collection now seems to be focusing on specific artists and artist groups, such as Freedom of Creation, one of their previous acquisitions. We expect FreshFiber to appear on Cubify real soon. 
Via 3D Systems and FreshFiber (Hat tip to James)

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