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The BukoBot 3D Printer

Yet another 3D printer kit has appeared on KickStarter, the Bukobot 3D printer by Diego Porqueras of Pasadena, California. As there have been many such startups emerge in this manner, the challenge for any of them is to put themselves ahead of the pack. What makes the Bukobot different? 
There are several features Porqueras has included that separate the Bukobot from other 3D printer kits:
  • Some models designed specifically for eco-friendly PLA plastic printing
  • Z-axis simplified and quieted by using Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE)
  • Belts replaced with stainless steal Syncromesh Cable
  • Entirely 3D printable design, requiring no access to laser cutters or exotic materials
  • Unique expandable frame permitting a larger build area
  • High quality components throughout
  • Low price of USD$599 for the base kit
The Bukobot's design is, of course, inherited from the RepRap project, but Porqueras has incorporated a number of unique design features based on his observations of problems he encountered using other 3D printer kits. 
There are several models under development, several of which are offered in the KickStarter project in either kit or assembled form. Porqueras hopes to raise USD$42,000 by May 23, and it looks like he might achieve that. It's a lot more likely to happen if you click the ilnk below, of course. 

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