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The 3D Printing Network

Want to connect with other 3D print folks? One way might be the newly created "3D Printing Network". The network, which appears to be a mailing list and IRC channel, is sponsored by the Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe, or Fellowship of FSFE. 
According to the network's description: 
The 3D Printing Network (3DPN) is a neutral, non-partisan, public network of 3D printing professionals facilitated by FSFE. 3DPN is an Free Software driven network, which enables co-operation among multiple companies and a volunteer community. One goal is to develop future 3D printing related solutions such as a 3D Printing management platform. 3DPN aims to engage all existing 3D printer manufacturers and software developers in the project, both Free Software and non-free software developers, and gather the broad 3D printing Free Software community under one brand.
If you're looking to find others interested in 3DP, this just might be the place. 

Printing Craters

The B9Creator 3D Printer