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MakerBot Relocates, Expands

MakerBot has evidently outgrown its current BotFarm location on Dean St. in Brooklyn, NY and has acquired new office space to expand its rapidly growing operations. 
Now with a staff of 125, the company has grown significantly since 2009 when its three founders were the only employees. Originated in the tiny "BotCave", they expanded to the "BotFarm" and now move to the Metro Tech Center in Downtown Brooklyn.
And what a move - they've leased an entire floor (the twenty-first) that holds a massive 31,000 square feet of work space. According to their press release, they'll be leaving 50 folks at the original BotCave to continue manufacturing MakerBots, while the remainder (75, if our math is correct) to the new location in downtown Brooklyn. The press release also says: 
The company expects to create a minimum of 50 jobs in 2012 alone at the new location.
Congratulations to MakerBot on their continuing success! Their design and marketing approach has not only built a great product, but created a huge number of new jobs so desperately needed. Well done, MakerBot! 

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