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You Can Help Makerspaces Today

Many Fabbaloo readers are members or supporters of Makerspaces - those amazing local labs offering the public the opportunity to gain low cost access to 21st century making equipment and expertise. From these establishments ideas become reality, experiments are resolved and businesses are born. 
We've learned of a way you (yes, you) can directly and easily support a large number of makerspaces. Entrepreneur Michael Legary's entry into the BDC Young Entrepreneur Award Innovation contest is unique: he proposes to donate the entire contest winnings (a staggering CA$100,000) to virtually all makerspaces across Canada to stimulate innovation. Makerspaces would receive a very welcome grant with which they could acquire new equipment for vast numbers of makers. 
But there's a catch; Legary has to win the contest. 
That's where you come in. If you think this is as great an idea as we do and want to support dozens of makerspaces and thousands of makers, we ask that you add your vote to Legary's entry at the link below.  
We did. So should you.  
Pass this on or repost if you can. 

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