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The MiiCraft 3D Printer Available Soon

More developments on hobby 3D resin printers: the team at MiiCraft, which we described the other week, have launched a fundraising campaign to develop their 3D printer - and you can own one, too! 
Their campaign on Indiegogo has a goal of USD$100,000 raised by July 20th. So far they're nowhere near that level, but as we've seen with other hobby 3D resin printers there is a massive interest level. We suspect they'll be able to achieve their goals and produce a lot of 3D resin printers for interested hobbyists. 
But what's so special about the MiiCraft? While its print area is not huge (43mm x 27mm x 180mm), it makes up for that in resolution: 0.056mm XY and 0.100mm Z, and apparently the "Hardware can support up to 0.005mm (5 micron)". Ideal for jewelry or other small, but finely detailed objects. 
The pricing of the printer is not bad either, ranging from USD$2,119 to USD$2,170 depending on where they're shipping it to. And you get more than just the 3D Printer: you'll receive 500ml of resin and a "Post Curing Device" too. This price is the lowest we've seen for a fully assembled resin 3D printer. 

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