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Sculpteo Introduces Color Ceramics

Growing 3D print service Sculpteo has introduced a little bit of color to their ceramic material options. Today you can choose from these tasty glazing options: White Glossy, Oyster Blue, Tangerine Orange, Turquoise, Aquarius Blue, Satin Black, Anis Green and Lemon Yellow.
Not only will you receive colored objects, but they'll be perfectly smooth and actually shiny! Items printed in the ceramic material are of course immune to heat, but they're waterproof and food safe. Yes, this means you can literally print a completely usable coffee mug. 
Is there a catch? Yes, there is: your design has to meet certain criteria to be successfully printed in ceramics at Sculpteo. You can't reproduce fine details due to the nature of the process and the minimum thickness is 3-4mm, depending on the total size of your object. But that works fine for coffee mugs and other kitchen items. 
One more thing: Sculpteo is now offering a huge 30% discount on any ceramic objects printed until June 10th. Print those mugs now! 

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