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Design Of The Week: The Love Bone

This week we turn to i.Materialise where we found the beautiful "Love Bone" by Studio Mango, selected as Design of the Week. 
This smoothly shaped item is intended as a necklace by attaching a chain: 
For our loved ones Studio Mango designed the Lovebone necklace, the last missing bone in the human body. A minimalistic shape in which all parts seem to make sense and come together in a sculpture of impeccable beauty. You can loop the rubber chord through the metal piece in such a way that you create your own heart shape, make it large or small and let people see how you feel!
You can obtain your own copy of this 61x54mm item at i.Materialise. Studio Mango offers it in Brass for USD$120.87. 
If you'd like to nominate a design for next week, please let us know

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