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The ShapeWright Experiment

Artist Dolf Veenvliet is experimenting with user-designed custom 3D printed metal jewelry. His new experimental site, ShapeWright, allows anyone to pick and shape components into a unique jewelry item that can be immediately sent for 3D printing in precious metal! 
The service is incredibly easy to use. The experiment is to customize a "Variable Cross" by selecting alternatives for each of the arms of the cross. As you can see in the example here, our extremely limited artistic skills managed to combine a skull and peace symbols in the same design. You can choose from 17 different component types, many of which offer customization. For the bone at the top of our cross we pushed the bar all the way to "Gnarly"
When you're done designing you can simply push the "Buy It!" button and you'll be presented with a cost for the sterling silver five cm tall cross. Ours was priced at 167 euro. 
Is Veenvliet pioneering a new approach, where individual makers can offer user customized solutions? We think this could be an interesting approach for some designers. 

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