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Design of the Week: The Teeth Tea Cup

Artist Lily Su has produced a rather unusual tea cup. What makes it unusual? Two things. First, and most prominently, is the teethy edge along the rim of the cup. We're certain you'll agree that the teeth produce feelings when you see them. Would you drink from this cup? 
Su says: 
Why is it that we find the cup so unappetizing? Could it have originated from survival tactics where we relate our proximity to another's teeth as a threat of life, a reminder of predator and prey, poison and contamination? Is this object then successful in its design to prevent gluttonous behavior should food and drink only be offered in the cup? 
There is a second aspect to this item that is very interesting: the material used is ceramic, producing a very smooth result that doesn't look like a typical 3D printed object. In fact, many tweets didn't mention the fact that it was 3D printed. Su says: 
This is extremely interesting in that it addresses the fact that 3D printed ceramic has a very finished quality.
Could this be a milestone in 3D Printing? Has the quality of materials overcome the sheer novelty of 3D printing? 
Perhaps, but the Teeth Tea Cup is indeed a milestone design. 

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