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Der Spiegel on 3D Printing

We've previously seen such mainstream publications as The Economist, Forbes and The Atlantic bring 3D printing to the attention of their readers. Now Der Spiegel has done the same with a new article providing an overview of the 3D printing space. 
As one might expect, Der Spiegel provides focus on several German 3D printing companies, notably EOS and Concept Laser, both of which we visited at the recent Euromold show in Frankfurt. 
Der Spiegel proposes dramatic improvements in manufacturing from 3D printing, as "Considerably fewer production steps, fewer tools needed and lower materials costs all spell enormous cost savings". Most importantly, they say: 
Companies will no longer be tied to the economies of scale that make mass production necessary for reducing costs. Even small production batches can be profitable. More innovative products can be brought onto the market, since this method makes it easy to try out new ideas cheaply.
That's why we're so interested in 3D printing: Innovation will be unleashed. 
Via Der Spiegel (in English)

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