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The MendelMax 2.0 3D Printer

Open source 3D printers tend to evolve quickly, and the MendelMax personal 3D printer is no exception. Version 2.0 was recently announced by MakersToolWorks, the folks behind the MendelMax line. 
The Max2.0 is actually available now in kit or assembled form from MakersToolWorks - but it's a beta version. The beta testers will "receive updated components once the design is elevated from beta to full release", making this truly an effort to certify the new design. 
But what features are included in Max2.0? Check these out: 
  • A truly open source design, capable of being made at home, unlike some other printers that have closed or partially closed their designs 
  • Simplified assembly of the unit through the use of linear rails, easy belt tensioners, tapped bolt holes (fewer nuts), machined parts
  • Extruded aluminum frame providing additional rigidity
  • Fully printable design
  • Larger build volume
You'll be able to build a MendelMax yourself, or if you prefer you can purchase a kit including all necessary components for USD$1,395 from MakersToolWorks. They also offer a "bare bones" kit that focuses on the frame and mechanicals, leaving out the electronics and hot parts for only USD$695. 

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