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Who's Your 3D Printing Guru?

While 3D printing has become significantly less complex, it is still beyond the realm of casual consumer use. The workflow from digital model to physical print involves skills, experience and tools that are daunting to most consumers, even though they can be handled by techies. 
If this sounds like a familiar situation, you'd be right: consider the case of PC support in your family. If you're a techie, it's more than likely you have become the (free) PC tech support for your relatives. In the case of PCs, they have become sufficiently simple that most people own them. But they're not always simple enough for your grandma to use without assistance. 
The same is true of personal 3D printing today to an even higher degree, as the technology is more complex and provides many opportunities for the unexpected.  
So what is one to do? We suspect specific people will become the family "guru" of 3D printing. They'll be the one that can find the right 3D model, the one that recommends which device to purchase or which service to use. They'll be the one that operates the home 3D printer and the one that fixes it when, inevitably, there are issues. 
Since you're reading this post, we have to suspect YOU will be that guru. 
Welcome to guruness. 

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