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Peachy Printer Campaign Ends - But Not Really

The world's first USD$100 3D printer's launch campaign has closed, with the Peachy Printer project raising over USD$650,000 on their Kickstarter page. 
This amount may be somewhat less than other notable crowdfunding launches, such as Formlab's, which raised USD$3M, but there's a difference: the Peachy Printer costs only USD$100, while previous printers were much more expensive. The Form 1, for example, cost over 20x as much. This means that the Peachy Printer has likely been purchased by many more people than any other 3D printer launch. Our count of printer buyers on their page is 4,107. That's a lot of 3D printer owners. 
Did you miss out? Don't fret because you can still buy a Peachy Printer on their Indiegogo page, which remains open until October 24th. The company is also opening an online store to sell units. 

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