The World’s Largest 3D Print Gallery

In retrospect, we hadn’t realized what we were looking at, when, at the 3D Printshow we stumbled into the covertly-located 3D print gallery. The large area held many examples of 3D printed art, some already famous and some about to be famous. 
We met some of the artists who had produced the work, as well as the services that often assisted in the actual production. 
But counting over eighty different works in one gallery means something. It was, no doubt, the world’s greatest single collection of 3D printed art. At no time in history were more amazing 3D prints together in a single room. 
It won’t be the last time that happens. 
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3 Responses

  1. Hi Aubenc,

    You mean the knurled Pencil Pot, I suppose. Page 69. The info card says "rework of an existing model" and indeed it was a modification of the exixting model of yours as Slic3r had some issues with the slicing at the junction point between the lower part (the base) and the rest. As the collection of printed objects is now quite huge, I don't remember all the originals and therefore I managed to put on catalog just a few direct references, while many just have the "print of an existing model" reference.
    The idea was to show people what a 3D printer could make… before they entered a Maker Faire filled with 3D Printers.

  2. Wow, Thanks a lot Simone!

    I see that one of my designs was there! What a pitty I didn't kow it in time to go to see it.

    Anyway, thank you very much to whoever who picked up my design and made it part of the event!!

  3. Hello, at Maker Faire Rome, from 4 to 6 October, there was the 3D print exhibition with over 130 3D printed objects on show. There is a catalogue if it on http://www.Makerfairerome.eu website. Some of them were definitely art, others just nice prints; anyway it was a huge exhibition of 3D printed objects, rigorously made with low end repraps and fdm. The Exhibition was seen by tens of thousands of visitors and yes, there has already been a show in a single room of so many objects… 🙂

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