WI3DP: Darlene Farris LaBar

Darlene Farris-LaBar is both an associate professor of art at East Stroudsburg University and an internationally known artist who makes art about the natural environment. 

The Unfortunate End of a 3D Print

An unfortunate incident occurred at the 3D Printshow last week. While browsing the incredible artistic 3D prints in the gallery, a massive shattering noise was heard. 

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Digital Crafts: A Book for Artists Exploring 3D Printing

We’ve checked out a new book that is specifically designed to assist artists who enter the world of 3D printing and digital design.    The book contains many case studies involving not only digital design using 3D CAD software, but also the process of 3D printing using contemporary equipment and 3D scanning. There’s even information… Continue reading Digital Crafts: A Book for Artists Exploring 3D Printing

You Can Help Make 3D-Rex

A new Kickstarter project from Namisu proposes to produce a series of geometric mesh Tyrannosaurus Rex heads using 3D printing. The Namisu project team behind 3D-REX, four folks from Spain and the UK, view 3D-REX as their first of many similar decorative 3D art projects. They say:    Through the 3D-REX project we wanted to… Continue reading You Can Help Make 3D-Rex

Platige Image’s Astonishing 3D Printed Sculpture: Biostagog

A collaboration of artists and technicians has created one of the most amazing 3D printed sculptures ever attempted. Polish company Platige Image required a “statement” for their headquarters in Warsaw and we believe this massive sculpture delivers. They say:    The installation was supposed to be an interactive, “living” element in the building, a phenomenon… Continue reading Platige Image’s Astonishing 3D Printed Sculpture: Biostagog

Intricate 3D Printed Mobiles

Everyone loves mobiles – those delicately balanced sculptures that hang and swing. Artist Marco Mahler, in collaboration with fellow artist Henry Segerman, has released a collection of 3D printed mobiles this week that we find fascinating for several reasons.    First, Mahler explains that:    After an extensive Google search, it appears that these are… Continue reading Intricate 3D Printed Mobiles

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Diving Deep into Art with 3D Technology

A detailed interview with Liz Neely, Director of Digital Information & Access at the Art Institute of Chicago by Fresh & New reveals some very interesting approaches to art now enabled by inexpensive 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.    Among the new approaches being investigated by Neely’s team are:    Detailed 3D scanning of… Continue reading Diving Deep into Art with 3D Technology

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A Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists

Editor’s note: This guest post comes from 3D printing aficionado Chris Waldo, who has compiled a very impressive list of some very impressive folks pushing the envelope on 3D printing every week.    [Update: All images below are thumbnails; please click on them to see larger views]   Throughout all emerging markets & technologies, there… Continue reading A Showcase of Influential 3D Print Artists

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3D Printed Typography

This is an interesting design: designer Luca Ionescu used typography as the foundation for this piece, which is not surprising, since Ionescu is also a typographer.    The complex design incorporates type as a main feature; this approach is something we see often when people are preparing custom 3D prints. Typography is one of the… Continue reading 3D Printed Typography

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3D Printing a Pulsar

A pulsar is a very strange astronomical object that is the result of a collapsing star. The conservation of angular momentum means the small collapsed star spins very rapidly, causing it to “pulse” its radio signals on a very reliable frequency, hence the name “Pulsar”.    Peter Walters and Katie Davies of England’s University of… Continue reading 3D Printing a Pulsar

Scream A 3D Print, Literally

A truly amazing installation of what’s called “Production Art” is now open for viewing – and screaming – at Rabobank HQ in Utrecht, Netherlands. Screaming, you ask? That’s exactly what visitors must do when the visit Alicia Framis’ “Screaming Room” exhibition. You scream, the waveform is recorded and translated instantly into a 3D model (a… Continue reading Scream A 3D Print, Literally

Hilldrup’s Fragments in Time

We caught news of an interesting artistic application of 3D printing, on display this past week in Munich at the 84Ghz exhibition. Artist Daniel Hilldrup created two works from his series Fragments in Time using 3D printing tech from Objet.    One item is imaged here, showing a candle holder with the wax seemingly melting… Continue reading Hilldrup’s Fragments in Time

3D Printing For Graphic Artists

Graphics.com, a publication dedicated to the 3D arts recently posted “Fundamentals: 3D Printing of Digital Models”. In this piece they take the reader through a basic explanation of 3D printing concepts and a walk through the lifecycle of a print: design, print and finishing of a trophy award (see image).    No big surprises, but… Continue reading 3D Printing For Graphic Artists

The 3D Printed Art of Robert Geshlider

Artists have begun leveraging 3D printing technology to produce wondrous creations. This week we encountered an artist who is pushing the technology to its limit by creating perhaps the most amazing 3D printed pieces we’ve ever seen.    We contacted California-based Robert Geshlider and asked him a few questions about his work, some of which… Continue reading The 3D Printed Art of Robert Geshlider

Video: Using Haptic Tech for 3D Design

Artist Farah Bandookwala describes her experience using a haptic input device to design wonderful 3D sculptures. Haptic technology is the ability to “touch” a model using physical feedback mechanisms. This changes the design process significantly from conventional 3D design methods to something perhaps more akin to traditional art approaches. She’s been using the Cloud9 software/hardware… Continue reading Video: Using Haptic Tech for 3D Design

Tangles From Joshua

He may not be the first, and certainly won’t be the last, but Josh Harker is another artist leveraging 3D printing as a way to get his art to the world. He’s created an online store to market his works, which are created thru 3D print service Sculpteo. Admirers may purchase the works from his… Continue reading Tangles From Joshua

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Capture That Onion!

Last year artist David Bowen produced a fantastic kinetic artwork entitled “growth modeling device” in which a live onion plant is 3D scanned once every 24 hours, and then that scan is 3D printed. Amazingly, the 3D prints are then shuffled along a conveyor belt so you can see (and touch) the various stages of… Continue reading Capture That Onion!

3D Printed Art

There’s always a stream of magnificent artwork emerging from 3D printers. Here’s a round up of some interesting pieces we’ve seen recently: A 3D printed ring in stainless steel by noformdesign        Ancient Critters by smallstuffstudio          Human skull demonstrating multicolour capability by ZCorp           Valentine… Continue reading 3D Printed Art

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Making an Artist’s Living by 3D Printing

There’s a wonderful article by 3D printing artist Bathsheba Grossman over at Say Something, where she describes her journey from student to world-renowned 3D artist. And the best part: She’s now making a living from selling 3D printed art.   But it isn’t easy. She spent ten years after completing school to build up the… Continue reading Making an Artist’s Living by 3D Printing

The Photoshaper

  Shapeways continues to innovate, and this time it’s The Photoshaper. What is it? It’s a cross between 3D and 2D mediums in which you submit a standard 2D photograph and Shapeway’s unique software will interpret the colors and shading to produce a semi-3D model of the photograph. The object can then be illuminated from… Continue reading The Photoshaper

Dining Room Table Printed

  It’s really just a model, but the concept was developed by Swiss Designer Phillippe Cramer. Interestingly, Philippe’s model is entitled, “Stalactite Table”, which mirrors the 3D printing process that produced it: layer by layer.  Maybe when the build chambers of commonly available 3D printers are a bit bigger than they are now (12 inches… Continue reading Dining Room Table Printed

What To Do With A 3D Printer?

That’s the question being both asked and answered by Lee Byron, who is developing a rather interesting 3D typographic model of our favorite planet, Earth (well, it’s Fabbaloo’s favorite planet! For now, anyway.) Byron hopes to print out a globe with each country being composed of 3D lettering of the country’s name, as you can… Continue reading What To Do With A 3D Printer?

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Another specialized 3D print service is open for business. This time it’s 3DArtToPart.com, a artist-oriented service that specializes in printing small works of art. In reality, they appear to be able to accept any 3D model in any of these formats: .obj, .3ds, .lwo, .stl, .dxf, .c4d. and SolidWorks files, in spite of the preponderance… Continue reading 3DArtToPart

Geometric 3D Art

Bathsheba Grossman is an artist that specializes in that geometric zone where art, science and mathematics link together. She produces very unique designs, and many are available for direct purchase over the web. Pictured is the 3 and 3/4 inch long “MG” metal piece, priced at US$325. According to Bathsheba: I use a lot of… Continue reading Geometric 3D Art

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There’s Cuteness in RFIDs

Actually, it’s the other way around. Lisa Smith, Masters of Design student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago / Designed objects, has put RFIDs into something she calls the “Cuteness Generator”. She’s created unique 3D objects and embedded an RFID transmitter into each: They’re designed to be artifacts for schoolkids (K-12) that… Continue reading There’s Cuteness in RFIDs

Design and the Elastic Mind

Design and the Elastic Mind is the name of a new exhibit to open in February at New York City’s MOMA. The exhibit will feature the work of Finnish designer Janne Kyttänen, who is one of the founders of Freedom of Creation, a firm we’ve posted on previously. The exhibit runs from February 24th through… Continue reading Design and the Elastic Mind


Ok, we admit this is only marginally related to 3D printing, but it is interesting enough that we thought we’d point it out to readers. It’s a work of art that includes a mechanical eyeball that literally follows you as you move near the exhibit. What’s the 3D print connection? The black case was printed… Continue reading OptoIsolator

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