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Cube Wins Award

The entry-level Cube personal 3D printer from Cubify has been placed on the list of "Top 10 Gadgets" at the Gitex Technology Week, which is a major conference for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia regions. 
The award states: 
3D printing is the biggest tech trend of the year (fact) and now you can stick one next to your MacBook. The Cubify makes thing-making easy and accessible, letting you load up sample 3D objects or make your own, before watching those little plastic-excreting tubes build it before your very eyes. Soon you'll be able to make everything from your own gadgets and shoes, to washing machine parts and even human ears with your thingmaker, so best get some practice in with this one now. 
The Cube is a terrific 3D printer for consumers to enter the amazing world of 3D printing. But we'd recommend getting some ventilation if you really want to "stick one next to your MacBook."
Via Gitex

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