The 3D Printshow Global Awards 2014

It’s a late post today compared to our usual schedule, but there’s a good reason for the delay: We awaited the announcement of the winners of the annual 3D Printshow Global Awards. 

Cube Wins Award

The entry-level Cube personal 3D printer from Cubify has been placed on the list of “Top 10 Gadgets” at the Gitex Technology Week, which is a major conference for the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia regions.    The award states:    3D printing is the biggest tech trend of the year (fact) and… Continue reading Cube Wins Award

Stratasys Wins Gold Medal

Stratasys was awarded a Gold Medal at the 2013 Concours Lépine International Inventions Exhibition. The Concours Lépine is an annual competition for French inventions that has been taking place since 1901. This year’s event included some 600 inventors from France and beyond.    Stratasys’ winning entry related to a new “pseudo-composite” material for use in… Continue reading Stratasys Wins Gold Medal

Fabbaloo Makes The List

We were quite surprised today to discover that Machine Design has named our blog as one of their editor’s picks for the “best 3D printing web sites”.    Also named were Shapeways, Solidoodle, Fab@Home, Thingiverse, PrintIn3D (3D Systems’ site) and RepRap, all excellent sites providing different angles on 3D printing. Our thanks go to the… Continue reading Fabbaloo Makes The List

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Popular Mechanics Likes The Cube

3D Systems’ new personal 3D printer, The Cube, has been awarded the 2012 Breakthrough Award by Popular Mechanics magazine.    This annual award is presented to a selection of innovators and inventions that the magazine believes have advanced society in some important way.    The Cube was not the only winner; other awardees included: SpaceX’s… Continue reading Popular Mechanics Likes The Cube

DesktopFactory Wins Netxplorateur Award

The French Netxplorateur Forum has selected DesktopFactory as the recipient of their Netxplorateur of the Year award. DesktopFactory is one of only 10 of the 100 initiatives to receive the award. Cathy Lewis, CEO of DesktopFactory, said: “It is clear that Desktop Factory will forever change the way we think of ‘printing’ – from an… Continue reading DesktopFactory Wins Netxplorateur Award

DesktopFactory LOSES Innovator of the Year Award

Our favorite yet-to-be-seen device, the low-cost DesktopFactory 125ci 3D printer has lost out to Tangible Express as the recipient of the first annual “Rapid” Innovator of year award, as determined by the Low Volume Manufacturers Association. Who is Tangible Express? They are a 3D fabrication service, like many others. However, previous posts in Fabbaloo typically… Continue reading DesktopFactory LOSES Innovator of the Year Award

ZCorp ZPrinter 450 Named Revolutionary has named ZCorp‘s ZPrinter 450 as one of their 15 “revolutionary inventions of 2007”. Alongside the 450 were such notables as the iPhone, Amazon’s Kindle, the XO Laptop and iRobot’s Looj. We’ve covered the Zprinter 450 before, and agree – it is an amazing device. Now, if only it were a little less expensive…… Continue reading ZCorp ZPrinter 450 Named Revolutionary

Objet Wins Gold Award

At the Euromold fair Objet Geometries won the Gold award for their new Connex 500 3D printer. We’ve covered this amazing device before, but if you didn’t read our post, the 500 is notable for its ability to print using multiple materials simultaneously. This means that you can print objects with hard and soft parts,… Continue reading Objet Wins Gold Award