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Development is Underway for a Graphene 3D Printing Material

In a recent press release, Lomiko Metal, a Vancouver based firm, announced its intention to create a laboratory dedicated to the development of “graphene-enhanced” 3D printing materials.
Graphene, which recently proved to be the world’s strongest material, has been of keen interest to a wide range of industries since its first isolation in 2004. One reason for this interest, aside from its strength, is that graphene is both more conductive than copper and the thinnest material known to man.
As part of their announcement, Lomiko Metal outlined their plan to enter into a strategic alliance agreement with Graphene Labs. Together, the two organizations will create a joint venture named Graphene 3D Labs. As part of the agreement Lomiko will be the sole supplier of graphite to the new lab, which will immediately begin researching and engineering graphene-based 3D printing materials.

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