CGTrader’s Model Competition

3D model site CGTrader is running a contest for, obviously, the best 3D model uploaded to their site by March 15th. There is an extensive list of prizes available to the winner and two runners-up. 
If you haven’t checked out CGTrader, it’s one of several large 3D sites that served 3D rendering models. This type of model is unsuitable for 3D printing as they are not solid. However, CGTrader has added a new attribute to their listings: Printable. This means artists that upload solid models can mark them ready to use for 3D printing. As of this writing, there are over 200 printable models available, with more coming. According to CGTrader’s Dalia Lasaite: 
We do plan to expand the printable section soon though. Historically we have mostly worked with designers for digital purposes, but we see that the interest in printable models is increasing both from the buyer and seller side, so will be expanding that section shortly with initiatives encouraging more 3D models.
Print-ready is a way for the designer to indicate that the item can be printed with 3D printer. We do not have formal requirements, rather it is up to the designer herself to decide and indicate print-readiness for potential buyers.
Need models to print? Consider CGTrader. And consider their contest, too. 
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