Zayger Watches

An interesting Kickstarter project involves 3D printing: Zayger Watches are limited run, unique wristwatches. They’re offered in a wide variety of colors, straps and shapes. 
The maker, one Shlomo Mockin of Brooklyn, NY, discovered how 3D printing could enable inexpensive production of limited run pieces that could be made into unique wristwatch designs. He says: 
3D printing is an amazing and affordable new way to take an idea from the prototype stage all the way to manufacturing and mass production. Its accuracy has recently gotten to the point that it can be used to make watch parts that require accuracy to points of a millimeter. It is also a great match for watchmaking, because in usage of 3D printing one only pays for the amount of material you use.  In other words, complexity is free, giving it some major advantages over traditional manufacturing.  The prototyping price is the same as the production price, and watches can be made with unlimited design complexity without driving up the price.  
We’re surprised there aren’t a great many more similar ventures. Why not, when complexity is free? 
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