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Design of the Week: Soap Dish

This week's selection is "Soap Dish" by Thingiverse creator Tom Kerpert, a.k.a. alofus. The Soap Dish is just that: a holder for a bar of soap. Made from the word "Soap" written in script, the Soap Dish curves slightly to secure a slippery cleansing slab.
We like this design because it overcomes that most awful shower problem: a gooey soap holder. The Soap Dish design permits goo to flow through while still holding the soap bar securely. Cleaning should be easy, too. 
The Soap Dish may be downloaded for 3D printing, as any item on Thingiverse. We'd provide one caution, however. The Soap Dish design includes a few rather severe overhangs and thus you'd better use support material when you print it. 

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