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Design of the Week: Wave Vase "Touch"

This week's selection is the Wave Vase "Touch" by the Italian KIORO'design team. 
The "Touch" reinvents the common practice of placing dried tall vegetation in a vase with a new 3D printing approach. Colorful and obviously from non-organic sources, the design is so reminiscent of dried tallgrass. Except it's red, yellow, pink and blue. And made of nylon plastic. 
KIORO’design is a two-person team of a former aerospace engineer and aerospace designer, Giovanna Varchetta and Ciro Esposito, now explore 3D models in a completely different manner. Their mantra: 
Imagination, free from constraints of matter, is ready to take shape! 
You can purchase a copy of this colorful work from their site at a cost of only €74.00 (USD$95). 

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