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MyMiniFactory's Free 3D Printable Objects

While Thingiverse has long been the go-to place for free printable 3D models, there's another option as of last month: MyMiniFactory. A branch of iMakr, the site offers a number of interesting 3D models - all specifically designed for 3D printing on typical personal 3D printers. 
During our check, MyMiniFactory offered well over 100 printable 3D models of various objects in the following categories: 
  • Hobby
  • Home
  • Jewelry
  • Gadgets
  • Toys
  • Models
  • Puzzles & Games
  • Fashion 
There's one catch: 
At registration you will have the possibility to download for free 5 objects per month ; you will be able to receive further credits by sending us some feedback and pictures of the objects you have printed.
MyMiniFactory has included models from their own designers, but does offer the ability for designers to upload their own models. There doesn't seem to be a method for selling models, so we expect less complex models to populate this service. 
We suspect MyMiniFactory's purpose is to help drive sales at the iMaker 3D print retail store in London. Regardless, free models are free models. If you find something you'd like to print at MyMiniFactory, please download it! 

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