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Another 3D model sharing site has launched, The site operates in what is now becoming a standard business model: 3D designers upload their designs to the service for sale to the public. Presumably takes a portion of the sales, which for the models we inspected, seem to be priced around €0.99 (USD$1.30). includes some interesting models, such as the Vertical Home Cultivation system component shown here, strangely named "Juice". Community Manager Jacopo Zanon says: 
Designers can upload their 3d files to the platform and make them available for purchase in the same way digital music is sold elsewhere on the net. 
It seems we see another version of this business model starting up each week and it will be very tough for such ventures to distinguish themselves from all the others. What is doing to resolve that issue? 
They've teamed up with, a site providing connectivity between creatives and customers through design contests. Their hope is to link their existing community of creators and buyers. How well this relationship proceeds, only time will tell. But it is an angle unique to the sales of 3D models, which could be emulated by places such as Etsy. 

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