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It's a Grey Day at Formlabs

But really, it's ok! Formlabs has finally announced the availability of grey resin. This means your Form 1 3D printer can now punch out grey objects. Previously they had only offered "clear" resin. Now you have a choice of two colors. They say: 
Similar to Clear, our newest material has properties engineered for fine detail and functional prototyping. Grey’s tensile strength and Young’s Modulus are similar to that of ABS plastic when post cured. The neutral color, on the other hand, allows you to carefully inspect fine details. This attractive matte finish is suitable for immediate presentation or to serve as a base for painting.  That means that you can make durable, professional quality parts to suit your project needs. 
Formlabs has been showing grey models printed in the new resin at trade shows for some time now. We've been wondering when they would release it - and now they have. 
Discussions with Formlabs suggests they may be offering additional colors and resins in the future, making the Form 1 an even more capable machine. 
Meanwhile, you can pick up a 1L tub of Grey for USD$149 at Formlabs' online shop. 

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