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How’s Afinia Doing After that Stratasys Patent Claim?

3D printing giant Stratasys made a claim against Afinia, saying the latter has violated not one, but four of their patents related to plastic extrusion-based 3D printing. Now, you’d think having the weight of a major patent suit against you would have an effect on sales. Would prospective customer be scared off by the legal matters? 
We tried to speak with folks from Afinia, but they aren’t saying anything. 
So, without any official statements, we did some thinking about this scenario. We’re seeing increases in Afinia’s Twitter following, significant increases in their website’s Alexa ranking and as you can see in the image above, their CES booth was swamped with highly interested folks. There is no apparent change in operations.
With the patent suit expected to take a couple of years to resolve, it seems that it’s business as usual for Afinia. 
Via Afinia

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