No Change: The Risks Continue For 3D Printing Usage

A piece in Forbes entitled, â€śWhen 3D Printing Gets Into The Wrong Hands”, discusses the risks and challenges enabled by 3D printing. It’s all true and it’s the same as it ever was. 

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How to License Your 3D Prints

While it’s now become easy for many to create 3D designs and produce 3D prints, few are aware of ways to properly license them. A new paper explains how. 

The Defensive Patent License

A large portion of the 3D printing community is within the open source world, while the rest is commercially oriented. Conflicts have occurred, but now there could be a way to reduce them. 

The Tables Turn for 3D Printer Control Advocate

The California State Senator who introduced proposed legislation to regulate 3D printers for fear of uncontrolled 3D printed guns has been ironically charged with firearms trafficking. 

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How’s Afinia Doing After that Stratasys Patent Claim?

3D printing giant Stratasys made a claim against Afinia, saying the latter has violated not one, but four of their patents related to plastic extrusion-based 3D printing. Now, you’d think having the weight of a major patent suit against you would have an effect on sales. Would prospective customer be scared off by the legal… Continue reading How’s Afinia Doing After that Stratasys Patent Claim?