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Zortrax Goes Retail

Poland-based 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has opened a retail store. 

Like very few of their competitors have done before, Zortrax has opened a retail storefront to showcase their 3D printing products and services. The store is located at Krakusa 8 in Krakow, Poland.

The store will sell printers and supplies, as well as providing workshops for the public. 

The presence of retail shops such as these are not solely to sell equipment. Instead a big part of their role is to expose the public to 3D printing technology and educate them in a small way. Certainly some people will become sufficiently interested to purchase, too. 

Does this mean Zortrax is taking off? Perhaps, as few 3D printer manufacturers have gotten to the stage of their own retail store, even a modest one such as Zortrax’s. However, Zortrax provides these company statistics that show there’s more than just a printer here:

  • USD$180,000 raised on Kickstarter
  • USD$7.2M in private investment
  • Three new machines to come in 2015
  • Twenty-five distributors in sixteen countries
  • Thirty+ patent applications
  • One hundred and twenty staff (between Poland and China)
  • Two thousand square meters of office and production space (21,500 sf)

So yeah, Zortax is a big deal!

Via Zortrax

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