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Design of the Week: Nautilus

This week’s selection is Jeremy Mallin’s Nautilus. 

The piece is a jewelry pendant and is best produced in metal, as Mallin has specified on his Shapeways page presenting the work. You can purchase this item in a variety of steels, brass or silver.

We quite like this shape as it is a mix of a natural element (the Nautilus) with an advanced geometric theme. Contrasts always make a piece more interesting.

Mallin says:  

This beautifully sculpted, stylized nautilus shell is a stunning work of art whether you wear it on a necklace or just place it on your desk to admire. The perfect intersection of mathematics and nature, gorgeous from any angle.

If you like this item, be sure to check it out at Mallin’s page on Shapeways below. 

Via Shapeways

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