Bhold Labs Partners with Ultimaker

Bhold has partnered with Ultimaker to enable everyone to easily participate in their 3D printed product development program. 

Bhold has a unique business model in which 3D printed products are iterated through a series of design steps, each evaluated by a large group of users participating in the project. Their feedback causes design changes that gradually evolve the product towards the ultimate design. 

Up to now participants had to receive a print from Bhold in the mail, which limited the breadth of feedback. However, with a new partnership with Ultimaker this will change dramatically. 

The agreement permits Bhold to deploy their design iterations on Ultimaker’s content site, YouMagine. Registered participants can then download the prototypes and print them on their own equipment (which Ultimaker would hope would be their equipment, but there’s nothing stopping others from participating). Bhold says: 

Our collaboration allows us to take design to the next level through thoughtful feedback from merging both of our communities. At the same time, 3D printer owners of all levels now have a new, inventive way to experiment with their machines.

The program involves loading prototypes to YouMagine during October, leading to a “final release” in December of this year. 

We think this is a very comfortable relationship with the two companies. It’s a win for Ultimaker as it brings more content to their ecosystem; it’s a win for Bhold as they get more and perhaps better feedback on their designs. 

And finally, it’s a win for you. But only if you register to participate at the link below. 

Via Bhold

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