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Build Your Own 3D Printer, Step-by-Step

Build your own 3D printer? That’s too difficult. Or is it? 

The team at Eaglemoss Collections have created a unique way to build a 3D printer. While many consumers would be terrified at the thought of assembling their own 3D printer out of hundreds of components, the “3D Printer Collection” could be the answer. 

It is actually a combination of a kit and a training course delivered magazine style. You buy the printer and tutorials step-by-step, each providing a gradual move toward completing printer construction. They’ve even designed a very simple 3D printer specifically for this purpose, the “V3”. 

The V3 is designed to be simple to assemble: it requires no soldering and is snap-fit together. The V3 as a 3D printer is not particularly notable, having basic characteristics: 

  • 0.200mm layer resolution
  • 140 x 140 x 135mm build volume
  • PLA or ABS plastic filament

However, that’s not the point. The idea is to make the process of building a machine as simple as possible so that more consumers take the DIY plunge and build one. Of course, having built one, some may find the confidence to take on more complex and capable 3D printer kits in the future. 

You can pre-order a “subscription” today. Early orders qualify for some freebies, too, including filament, flash drive, 3D models, a toolkit and magazine binder. 

Via 3D Printer Collection

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