The ATLAS 3D Scanner

Uriah Liggett, founder of Murobo LLC and creator of the all new 3D printable ATLAS 3D scanner, needs your help funding his Kickstarter project. 

Build Your Own Ultimaker?

Looking for plans to build your own 3D printer? Now you can consider building an Ultimaker 2. While it’s for sale in assembled form, you can now inspect the plans for it. 

The Velleman K8200 3D Printer

With the news that UK electronics retailer Maplin now sells the Velleman K8200 3D printer, we thought we’d better take a look at this new device.    The K8200 is a plastic filament 3D printer, as most inexpensive 3D printers are. It accepts both ABS and PLA plastic from generic suppliers, avoiding the need for… Continue reading The Velleman K8200 3D Printer

The RA 3D Printer Controller

It’s not a 3D printer, but you could make one with it. It’s the RA 3D printer controller, now showing on Kickstarter.    The project involves creation of a “cutting edge” 3D printer controller board. This is the electronics portion of your 3D printer, typically used in RepRap-style kit assemblies.    What makes this board… Continue reading The RA 3D Printer Controller

Heated Chamber For Personal 3D Printers

This idea is hot – literally. Instructables member UglyBuddha created and posted a design for a Heated Build Chamber for his RapMan personal 3D printer. No, he doesn’t install a heated chamber into his RapMan. Instead he builds a heated chamber around the 3D printer!   Wait a moment. Why would one require a heated… Continue reading Heated Chamber For Personal 3D Printers


There’s a new shop in town: BotMill. They’re addressing the growing DIY 3D Printing space:    At, we cater to the growing number of 3D DIY enthusiasts with quality products at discounted prices. We are constantly on the look out for new and innovative products…   They appear to market a wide variety of… Continue reading BotMill!

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The DIYLILCNC is a do-it-yourself CNC machine. Much like open source 3D printer designs, this one is instead for a CNC machine. This one can be built for approximately USD$700. From the site:   Plans and instructions for building the DIYLILCNC are distributed freely and intended for wide distribution and modification with few restrictions. The… Continue reading DIYLILCNC

Ponoko Makes MakerBots!

What does a personal manufacturing service from New Zealand have to do with a 3D printer kit manufacturer from New York City? A lot more now, apparently. The two organizations have teamed up to leverage each other’s strengths.    MakerBot has opened a Showroom on Ponoko, where you can purchase and customize not only your… Continue reading Ponoko Makes MakerBots!

Another Inexpensive 3D Printer Kit Emerges

Competition for Makerbot? Cubely jumped into the 3D printing scene this week at an Arizona Hackerspace meetup. Cubely, a RepRap derivative, hopes to produce a superior hobbyist 3D printer at low cost.    Cubely consists of four major components: Electronics, which they recommend purchasing from MakerBot, as they are “unfortunately” the sole supplier; Stepper motors… Continue reading Another Inexpensive 3D Printer Kit Emerges

Model Factory Hiro Uses 3D Printing

  Model Factory Hiro, a Japanese maker of highly intricate model car kits makes good use of 3D printing technology in their development process. In Mech9’s video and extensive write up, we can see the entire process from choice of car (Misao Hiro, President: “Something I like”) to the final preparations. Model Factory Hiro primarily… Continue reading Model Factory Hiro Uses 3D Printing