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This 3D Printed Xenomorph Suit is Getting Scary

James Bruton’s project to create a full scale, wearable Xenomorph suit is looking terrifying. 

Bruton operates XRobots, where he produces extensive videos detailing the process of making incredible cosplay projects, such as the Giger-inspired Xenomorph suit featured here. 

In the latest episode (8), Bruton works on the method of attaching the Xenomorph head structure to his own head. It’s a complex challenge, involving multiple components and prints with both rigid and flexible portions. 

He’s previously worked on building the arm component. Be certain that this is not simply a costume you’d hang on your body. It’s a fully animated structure involving significant mechanical components to provide motion. 

Even if you don’t plan on taking up the challenge of producing your own Xenomorph suit, Bruton’s videos are exceptionally useful to watch simply to absorb the methods he uses to create and implement the designs using 3D printing. He demonstrates the hows and whys of the design as well as producing the components and assembling them. 

If you find the videos valuable, it’s possible to support Bruton directly through a Patreon program, which enables small donations for the videos. 

We can’t wait to see the final result of this project. But not in person. Definitely not in person. 

Via XRobots and Patreon

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