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Toyze Puts Game Characters in Your Hands

Want a game character? You probably don’t have the 3D model to print one with, but Toyze can help you out. 

Toyze is another attempt to provide 3D print technology to the public by dramatically simplifying the acquisition of printable 3D content. In their case, they’ve managed to create this: 

Toyze is the first “app store” for licensed, customizable, 3D printed models of your favorite game characters. From mobile device to shelf, your favorite game characters come to life as custom toys!

They’ve produced an app (both for iOS and Android) for game enthusiasts to choose their character, select and add some adornments and request a 3D print of the resulting combination. We’ve tried the app and it is indeed extremely simple to use. Just poke your finger at the simplified controls and you’ll soon have a character ready to go. 

Pricing varies by print size, but they say a 5-7cm model would typically cost approximately USD$50. 

Toyze says they currently only offer colored plastic models, but will be enabling additional materials such as “stainless steel, gold, silver, plastic, etc.” in the future. We suspect they’re negotiating with various 3D print service bureaus now to make such arrangements. 

We’re interested in Toyze because they provided legally licensed content, whereas most other sources of game character content are not licensed. If Toyze succeeds, we may see a lot more game characters moving to their platform. 

Via Toyze

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