The 3D Printable OpenLOCK Gaming System

Gamers are a popular user community employing desktop 3D printers to enhance their gaming experience, and now there’s a new project that should make that usage even easier. 

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3D Hubs Rescues Fallout 4 Fans

With the release of the highly anticipated Fallout 4 today, some fans were unable to procure a wrist-worn Pip-Boy case to accompany the game. But 3D Hubs has the solution. 

Design of the Week: Super Mario Mobius Strip

This week’s selection is the Super Mario Mobius Strip, by Shapeways creator Joaquin Baldwin.    While endless, one-sided Mobius strips are fascinating unto themselves, Baldwin has made this one even more interesting by infusing Super Mario culture on its surface. The entire level 1 scenario is included on the strip. He says:    All the… Continue reading Design of the Week: Super Mario Mobius Strip

X-Box One Prototyped with 3D Printer

At its Redmond, Washington, headquarters, Microsoft unveiled its next generation video game console the X-Box One. The console, which will feature 15 exclusive titles, Skype video calling, and a voice and gesture command feature,  came with one other surprise; it was prototyped using 3D printers.   Admittedly, Microsoft isn’t a new comer to the world… Continue reading X-Box One Prototyped with 3D Printer

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3D Print Your OUYA!

Maybe you haven’t heard of OUYA? If not, it’s an ultra-low cost game console designed for open development. Taking a cue from Nokia’s user-3D printed case program, OUYA has partnered with MakerBot to release design files that permit you to develop your own unique case for your OUYA.    Customizing your own objects is the… Continue reading 3D Print Your OUYA!

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3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

We were contacted by Shane Blomberg who was excited to show us his project to create a Goldeneye Remote Mine replica prop from the 007 game from the 90’s.    The project originally manifested as an “Instructable”, but it required you to somehow find a now-prehistoric PC Commander Joystick base. Given that such things are… Continue reading 3D Printed Goldeneye Remote Mine

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Legends of Kalidasia Pioneers A New Approach

Jason Rutherford of Kalidesia contacted us to talk about a new approach he’s taken in his gaming business. Rutherford makes the Legends of Kalidasia game, played with traditional resin and pewter figures. His company manufactures and markets these figures, but he’s concerned about the future. You know, the future where people print out their own… Continue reading Legends of Kalidasia Pioneers A New Approach

FigurePrints Moves Into Minecraft

We hadn’t noticed this before, but specialty 3D printing service FigurePrints is now into the MineCraft business. FigurePrints, long-time Fabbaloo readers may recall, was featured in one of our very first posts in 2007. They’ve been around a long time.    What do they do? They extract 3D information from online games and produce the… Continue reading FigurePrints Moves Into Minecraft


The popularity of Minecraft has blossomed into several 3D print-related services. One of the new ones is Mineways. Minecraft users spend hours designing complex and amazing 3D environments and it’s only natural they’d want to see them in real life if at all possible.    It is possible with Mineways, but with some effort. Mineways… Continue reading Mineways!

3D Printed Fractal Cube Originated in Second Life

In December 2007 Henry Segerman, a.k.a. Second Life avatar Seifert Surface, designed a “Hilbert Cube” using Second Life’s then simplistic 3D model creation tools and some tricky Python software. While this interesting object was for years used only within Second Life’s virtual world, there’s been a recent change: you can now 3D print this item… Continue reading 3D Printed Fractal Cube Originated in Second Life


If it’s in 3D, it will be printed. That is the theme we see everywhere now. The latest venture in the theme is MineToys, a service that can 3D print your MineCraft characters.    Like those who went before printing World of Warcraft, Mii or Second Life avatars, we now have a service that can… Continue reading MineToys!

SimCity or RealCity?

Yet another surprise source for 3D models has emerged: the game SimCity. SimCity, for those of you who have somehow never encountered it, is a simulation of a city. By tweaking various civic parameters, your city may thrive and grow – or die. It’s a great tool for learning some of the basics of city… Continue reading SimCity or RealCity?

3D Printing Board Games

3D modeller Jeff Timothy is exploring the possibility of creating a new service focused on 3D printing board game pieces and equipment. This makes a lot of sense to us, as 3D printing would be a great way to create unique game pieces. And board game designers obviously need new pieces for their projects, don’t… Continue reading 3D Printing Board Games