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Uformia’s Fascinating Uformit


We received a tour of a breakthrough new 3D modeling service that we’re pretty sure you’ll like. 

It’s called Uformit, from Uformia. The Norway-based software company has long been developing 3D modeling software, most notably Symvol, a plug-in for Rhino3D and its standalone equivalent. The software can ensure 3D printability by using a volume-based approach. But it can also take an existing model and integrate dynamic features. 

Dynamic features can be such things as thickening walls by simply repositioning a slider control. Each 3D model can have a variety of dynamic adjustments, each leading to the instant creation of a brand new variation on the original 3D model. 

Here’s the really interesting part: Uformia has leveraged this technology into a new service usable by anyone. Their new Uformit service allows artists to display dynamically adjustable 3D models for sale. Consumers can select a model, tweak it and then order a 3D print of their variation. 
So far Uformia has permitted only a few 3D models to be presented, but CEO Cherie Stamm says they will eventually allow people to upload 3D models. It’s a soft launch you’d better see.

Via Uformit

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