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DELL Offers Multiple 3D Printers?


The venerable PC maker DELL has signed a deal to resell 3D printers from not one, but two 3D printer manufacturers. 

First we see they’ve signed a deal with Polish-based Zortrax, whom we haven’t heard from before. This is a curious deal in which DELL agreed to purchase 5,000 units. We are not able to see any Zortrax products on DELL’s online store at the moment. In any case, 5,000 units seems small for a volume-based company like DELL. It’s likely an experiment. 

Secondly, DELL has also signed a deal with MakerBot to resell their equipment, too. We suspect MakerBot has substantially greater manufacturing capacity than Zortrax. 

DELL has long sold accessories for PCs, including monitors, 2D printers, external disks and the like. It seems they now see 3D printers as a common PC accessory. 

That’s a big change. 





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