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The Uncia DLP 3D Printer

Another resin-based personal 3D printer has appeared on crowdfunding sites: the Uncia DLP 3D printer. 

While their Indiegogo campaign has just successfully concluded, we can take a look at their device. It’s similar to several other units that solidify an entire layer at once using a DLP shining UV light on a liquid resin surface. As such, the resolution can be finer than extrusion techniques. 

uncia enclosure.jpg

The build volume is relatively small, only 102 x 77 x 180 mm and can print in layer sizes of 150, 100 and 50 microns in only 3.6 seconds. 

These are good but not spectacular specifications. But the price is. 

During the fundraising campaign, there were limited quantities available at prices as low as only USD499! Now, after the campaign closed, the retail price of USD$999 stands. 

We’re very interested to see how well this machine works when it is delivered. 

Via Indiegogo

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