The Micro 3D Printer Hits the Jackpot

An inexpensive 3D printer we examined several weeks ago has raised a staggering amount of cash from their crowdfunding launch. 

The Micro 3D Printer, we wrote, is a carefully designed personal 3D printer optimized for cost. They succeed as the unit is priced at only USD$300. It’s not the lowest price 3D printer you can buy, but it’s pretty close and offers a level of fit, finish and features that tops other ultra-inexpensive devices. 

As of this writing, they’ve raised USD$2M by obtaining pledges from well over 6,000 new customers. At that level of funding, they immediately join the club of major players such as MakerBot, Formlabs, Ultimaker, PrintrBot, Solidoodle and Cubify. 

But why are they so successful? 

The successful elements exhibited by prior crowdfunding winners have been either low price or slick design with good performance. 

The Micro 3D printer seems to have both those characteristics. It’s not surprising it has had massive success, given the current red-hot 3D printer market. 

But there’s one more thing: they’ve raised USD$2M in just a couple of days. They have several WEEKS left to raise even more. 


Via Kickstarter

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