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Leapfrog Gets a New HQ

Leapfrog HQ.png

Netherlands-based 3D printer manufacturer Leapfrog has made the jump into a new headquarters. 

The clearly growing company has been making a number of big moves in the past year, including opening their own production facility and creating a big focus on educational services. Pretty impressive for a company that is only two years old. 

Like many major 3D printer manufacturers, Leapfrog’s new HQ includes what they call an “Xperience Center”, where visitors can take a close look at the technology to see how it works. We feel this feature is still essential as most of the public really hasn’t had a chance to even see a 3D printer, let alone understand them. 

There are a lot of personal 3D printing companies out there now, all competing for customers. It’s good to see that many of them succeed and grow, like Leapfrog has just demonstrated. 

Via Leapfrog

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