Leapfrog’s Xeed Now Available for Purchase

As promised, the folks at Leapfrog have launched their biggest 3D printer, the Xeed. It’s big for a desktop 3D printer, but that fits its target market: offices where the device would be shared by (presumably) professionals.    The Xeed offers premium 3D printer features, such as standard dual extruders, automatic bed leveling before each… Continue reading Leapfrog’s Xeed Now Available for Purchase

Leapfrog’s Selling Simplify3D

We managed to get a close look at the new version of Simplify3D software today, courtesy of Mathijs Kossen of Leapfrog 3D Printers. Leapfrog is offering Simplify3D as an option for use with their printers.    The standard software, Slic3r, works well, but sometimes introduces layer artifacts such as those illustrated above. Simply3D attempts to… Continue reading Leapfrog’s Selling Simplify3D

Leapfrog’s 3D Printers

Leapfrog offers not one, but two different low-cost 3D printers: the Creatr and the Xeed.    First, let’s check out the Creatr. It’s a USD$1500 entry level personal 3D printer that is fully assembled out of beautiful laser-cut aluminum panels. It comes with a single extruder, but an alternate dual-extruder version is available for USD$1850.… Continue reading Leapfrog’s 3D Printers