3D Printed Memes – Lots of Them!

3D Printed Memes – Lots of Them!

CGTrader recently ran a contest in which their designers were asked to develop 3D models of notable internet memes. We took a look at the results. 

For the uninitiated, an internet meme is an image that provides a platform for funny and often profound statements. They appear so frequently social media they become familiar – but only as 2D images. CGTrader asked their capable users to bring their considerable design skills to transform these flat images into real 3D objects. But did they succeed? 

We think so. Check out the image at top of “Good Guy Greg”, as you’ve never seen him before. 

3D Printed Memes – Lots of Them!

These entries were 3D printed, although you’d need to carefully paint them to match the 2D color image, such as this “Obama Approves”

3D Printed Memes – Lots of Them!

If you have a color 3D printer, you could produce this “Joseph Ducreux” in full RGB right out of the printer. 

Check out the rest at the link below – and you’ll find a ton of meme designs available on CGTrader if you take a look around the site. 

Via CGTrader

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