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CreoPop: A Liquid Ink 3D Printing Pen


While the several existing 3D printing pen ventures appear to be successful, CreoPop hopes to shake things up with a breakthrough technology. 

The 3D printing pens we’ve seen so far have had two key attributes: 

  • They’re very popular, possibly due to their low price as compared to a full-on 3D printer
  • They all use plastic extrusion technology 

It’s the last bit that’s interesting. The existing pens pull in a plastic filament and heat it up to 200-250C and push it out the hot end. 

CreoPop is entirely different. Instead of heating up plastic, they solidify liquid resin using UV light. A tiny UV light source hits the resin as it leaves the pen. No heat. No straggly filaments tangled up in your arms. It is USB-powered, so you will have a cable to deal with. 

It will be substantially safer for children's use, since you don't have to worry about a six year old wielding a 250C portable weapon. 

And there’s another benefit: the resins may have not only different colors, but different properties. CreoPop is working on these “specialty inks”

  • Temperature sensitive
  • Elastic
  • Body (We’re not quite certain what this might be)
  • Glittering
  • Conductive
  • Glow-in-the-Dark
  • Magnetic
  • Aromatic
  • “And more”

At a starting price of only USD$89, CreoPop is an inexpensive way to enter the world of 3D making. 

Via Indiegogo

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