The Lix 3D Pen

In business sometimes you invent a new product, but other times you improve on an existing product. The latter approach is that taken by the developers of the Lix 3D printing pen. 

Yet Another 3D Printing Pen: swissPen

After the monstrous success of 3Doodler, others hope to duplicate their success, including the 3D Printed Pen that replicated much of 3Doodler’s design. Now we see another: swissPen, made by Groupe JL Monnin, based in, of course, Switzerland.    The swissPen, which sells for CHF 95.00 (USD$103), is a handheld extruder that accepts PLA and… Continue reading Yet Another 3D Printing Pen: swissPen

3Doodler – A 3D Pen Printer

It’s billed as the first “3D printing pen”, and we believe it is indeed the first handheld 3D printer that you can purchase.    Wait, “handheld 3D printer”? That’s precisely what it is. The device is held in your hand and slowly waved through 3D space. As it moves, it extrudes melted thermoplastic, just like… Continue reading 3Doodler – A 3D Pen Printer