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Uformit Seeks Interns


Our friends at Norway-based Uformit are looking for an intern to help develop interactive 3D designs. 

Uformit, for those who haven’t heard, is a startup 3D modeling company with some very interesting technology. Their system permits the creation of “generative” 3D models that users can easily adapt for their own specific needs. In other words, Uformit 3D models include “knobs” that can be adjusted to alter the model. 

Their intern program seeks someone with 3D modeling skills to join their content development program. The benefit, aside from some cash, is that the successful intern would be fully trained in Uformit’s Symvol system. That means you’d be able to create interactive dynamic 3D models. 

Who wouldn’t want to be able to do that? 

The deadline for applications is July 11th for the 11 month term. For anyone with some 3D skills and a bit of spare time, this could be your way to get deep into the 3D modeling world. 

Via Uformit (PDF)

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