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MadeSolid’s Really Tough 3D Printer Resin

MadeSolid announced a new material, the “Tough Resin” for 3D printers using resin technology. 

The new material is said to “withstand the structural demands of functional prototyping”, and you can see a demonstration in the image above where a weight is supported by an object printed in the new resin. It has “greatly increased tensile, flexural, and impact strength”. This could overcome the frequent fragility of resin prints. 

We’re quite pleased to see this; resin 3D printers are generally capable of using any resins, but there have been very few unusual resins produced. Theoretically, resins can be produced with a wide variety of properties, varying strength, color, flexibility and other aspects. Here we see MadeSolid producing and selling a resin specifically made for strength. 

It’s available for pre-order at USD$119 per one-liter bottle, but you can choose only Orange or Yellow at this time. They’re expecting to ship in August. 

Via MadeSolid

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